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7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Giving a Young Life Talk

I heard Francis Chan give a talk where he honestly confessed his interior struggles while speaking. To address the temptations he faces when speaking, he asks 7 questions to check his spirit and motives. Below are those 7 questions as they relate to us as YL leaders.

7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Speaking


1. Am I worried about what people kids and other leaders will think of my message or am I most concerned with what God thinks? (Teach with fear)

2. Do I genuinely know and love these kids I’m speaking to? (Teach with love)

3. Am I accurately presenting this scripture, have I studied God’s word faithfully and let it sink into my heart and head? (Teach with accuracy)

4. Am I depending on the Holy Spirit’s power or my own cool factor and good ideas? (Teach with power)

5. Have I applied this talk to my own life, do I believe what I say? Am I buying what I’m selling? (Teach with integrity)

6. Will this talk draw attention to me or to God? (Teach with humility)

7. Do my high school friends really need to hear this? (Teach with urgency)

Let’s not take the high privilege we have of sharing the Gospel lightly.


How to: Selecting the perfect wine

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I’m Back!!!!!!

Hi Folks!

After 6 weeks conflict with iclickster (my hosting company) – is finally back up and running!

In the last few weeks I’ve driven about 2500 miles around the UK for various things – including the Youthwork Summit, Transforming Youth Ministry and some YFC training days – so expect some write ups and reviews soon.

Quick update on me: I’m still directing Youth For Christ, Llandudno and we’ve just hired an administrator which is fab. I’ve been thinking about writing again, mainly focusing on some simple ebook topics like effective games, small group youth communities or young people apologetics. I may do something more practical on making first contact with schools, but we shall see where the whims may take us. I’m also trying some fun stuff out with my music, trying to bridge the gaps in my songwriting between jazz, funk and folk all with a healthy dose of melancholy.

My speaking schedule for the next wee while is pretty simple; this Sunday I’ll be at Princes Drive Baptist Church, 3rd August I’ll be at i61 and 4th-8th August I’ll be speaking in the evenings at Middleton Park.

If you’re interested in recent stuff from the last few weeks there’s two talks below:

God Fearers In The 1st Century @ Bible Unzipped, North Wales Bible Training Event:

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