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Bitesize Messages: Nailing the one point.

One of the pivotal rules to communicating any type of message clearly is the ability to reduce it down to a single motif. I should come away from your sales pitch, event flyer, email, Sunday sermon, or training seminar able to distill it into a simple sentence and then recognisably say it back to you. […]

Real Stories from 40 Women in Youth Work

On this International Women’s Day I’d like to pay respect, honour and gratitude to female youth workers.Lingering over from Western Christendom is a patriarchal and masculine church. This interprets theology and practice with a bent that need correcting. In many churches, we are quite happy for a woman to be a youth and children’s pastor, […]

The 3 Most Misused Verses in Youth Ministry

1. Matthew 18:20 – When two or more are gathered… This is often used in defense of youth church, or youth groups being a church alternative. ‘Well all you need for church is two or three believers and a cheeky Nandos… boom!’ ‘Me and my mate do church in the car listening to Hillsong!’ There’s two whopping problems […]

3 Ways To Have A Successful, Yet Unhealthy Youth Ministry

I’ve been an unhealthy, yet relatively ‘successful’ youth worker for a while now. My projects mostly work, events go well, and young people know Jesus – but stress, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and blood-pressure problems have also accompanied those things. Since the doctors started treating me, and my health has started to improve, I’ve wondered if […]