Big Shoutout to the Premier Digital Finalists!

Youth Work Hacks was blown away again! Last weekend we took home two awards from the Premier Digital Awards 2017; both ‘Most Inspiring Leadership Blog’ (two years in a row!), and ‘Multi Author Blog of the Year’. This was cool. 🙂

You can check out their highlights vid here.

I want this post, however, to be a massive shout-out to the other amazing blogs that were shortlisted in these categories. They are all totally worth the time to immerse yourself in for a while, and they are all run by obviously committed, passionate people.

After reading through them I was amazed by their solid and inspiring content – so here are a few of my favorite posts from all of them!

Most Inspiring Leadership Blog:

Apples of Gold

The Chocolate Nativity Story

Being Different and Being Relevant…


Martin Salter’s Blog

The Preacher’s Assumptions

Why Gossip is So Damaging


The Additional Needs Blogfather

The Additional Needs Battle

Are Parents to Blame For Their Child’s Disability?


Speak Life

Why The Reformation Matters

Damascus Road Experience | Reading Between The Lines


Multi Author Blog of the Year

Clarity Magazine

5 Top Ways to Combat Your Anger

Embracing Imperfections: Our 4 Relationship Tips



Ask For and Act On Opportunities

The Gap Between “Yes” and “Go”


Girl Got Faith

Why I Love The Church

Don’t Let Perfectionism Steal Your Joy


More Precious

Rise | Sharing Your Faith at School

Dealing With Divided Opinions



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