Helping your child process their test results – Kirsten Witchalls

A short helpful set of thoughts on test results by Careers Adviser, Kirsten Witchalls. Kirsten is also the wife of Alan Witchalls from Video Bible Talks – make sure you check them out!


I am at GCSE results day in my role of a Careers Adviser. My role is the difficult one of picking up the pieces when things haven’t gone so well.

Here’s some advice to parents based on my observations today:

  • Whatever people say about changes in grade boundaries, the new GCSE’s are much more rigorous than the old GCSE’s. These young people have been put under huge pressure to succeed, regardless of whether or not you think they have worked hard enough for them.
  • Please put aside your disappointment to focus on supporting your child who will feel the burden of not wanting to disappoint you.
  • Don’t add to their confusion by putting onto your child any prejudices you may have towards alternative qualifications.
  • Please be aware of trying to persuade your child to fulfill your unfulfilled aspirations.
  • Times have changed… apprenticeships and alternative qualifications are well respected by employers and definitely not a last option.
  • PLEASE encourage your child to plan for alternatives so they have options if things don’t go as planned!
  • At the end of the day, exams are not the only measure of success. We will all have our own stories on how we have used disappointment to shape us to be the people we are today. How you deal with this disappointment will also have an impact on your child.
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