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Thank you Billy Graham.

“I’ve read the last page of the Bible, it’s all going to turn out all right.” [Billy Graham] When I was 14 I first heard of the work of Billy Graham. I couldn’t believe the size of the crowds that he drew, or the authority of his voice. Could Christians really have that kind of […]

What makes a ‘rubbish’ youth group work?

I sometimes wonder about our standards for what constitutes ‘good’ youth groups. If young people are as varied as humanity itself (which they are), and a leader’s love for them can express itself in many different ways (which it can) – then who are we to decide if it’s quality youth work? I get to […]

How to read people’s faces during a talk

Bottom line – don’t do it. It’s very easy to be unnerved by a twitching lip, a quirky grin, a shaking head, or a deadpan stare. I’ve had people fall asleep during my talks and yesterday I gave a talk with a disabled gentleman blowing loud raspberries at me. Awesome! It’s easy to get distracted […]

Why study with the Institute for Children Youth and Mission (CYM)? – By Sally Nash

This is the first in a new youthworkhacks series called ‘why study…’ Inspired by this – each post will be written by an experienced youth ministry trainer who will us you their thoughts while sharing about their particular institution. Rev Dr Sally Nash is the director of Midlands Institute for Children Youth and Mission (CYM), […]

‘Out of the Question’ – A new youth apologetics resource – by Gareth Crispin

Gareth Crispin is the Youth, children & Families Minister at an Anglican Church in Cheshire.  He is passionate about equipping Christian young people to give a reason for the hope that they have.   It has perhaps never been harder for Christian teens and young adults to stand up for Jesus in their schools, colleges […]

5 forms of criticism that I’ll always ignore… or try to!

Exactly a year ago I wrote a post called ‘7 Ways Not To Complain To Your Youth Worker’. As a result I received comments and messages from other youth leaders that had gone through the same things. Some of the stories they shared were just heartbreaking. This made me realise that we’re not done with […]

Why we need Sync – a new resource from Youth For Christ – by Grace Wheeler

Grace Wheeler is the National Evangelist at Youth for Christ. You can explore the free Sync resources here and see the Youtube channel here.   As a communicator, one of the things I’ve always used to connect with people is stories. I tell stories about dogs, about inspiring people, but mostly about me! This is […]

A different way to evangelise – Guest post by Jonny Price

Another quality and thoughtful piece by guest blogger, Jonny Price. Jonny is an experienced youth worker with keen insights and clear vision for the future of Christian youth work in the UK. I remember clearly when my faith became an exciting prospect for me. I had been a Christian for about 5 years, and was […]

The Youth Ministry Idol of New

Youth Ministry sits on the the cutting edge of contemporary missionary theory, and fresh expressions of church theology. We pride ourselves on being innovators, creatives, and revolutionaries. Throw a new year into the mix and we have a skittish spasm of fresh ideas, along with a fidgety, impatient sense of ‘let’s change everything – right […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… ish.

Hi folks. It’s great to be back! And a massively Merry Christmas to everyone. It’s been a fabulous Christmas season here in North Wales working with the most amazing young people, and an incredible team. We’ve had Christingles with chips, movies with muppets, and even hobbit-starwars mashup nativities! (Really… but don’t tell New Line or […]

Ding Dong the Book is In

So, you may have wondered where youthworkhacks sneaked off to over the last week or so, and why you’ve not heard anything new about the quirky world of youth ministry. Well I’ve (Tim) been writing a book, and it was due to the publishers yesterday! Mission accomplished, I sent it on time. ‘So whats the […]

Let’s stop telling future youth ministers to skip training!

(Sorry – slightly ranty post) Over the past decade, Bible Colleges in Britain have really started to struggle getting people to apply. This has been most clearly seen in youth work courses. Not only have several large and well-established youth work training centres now closed, but many of the biggest Bible Colleges in the UK […]