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Bitesize Messages: Nailing the one point.

One of the pivotal rules to communicating any type of message clearly is the ability to reduce it down to a single motif. I should come away from your sales pitch, event flyer, email, Sunday sermon, or training seminar able to distill it into a simple sentence and then recognisably say it back to you. […]

Real Stories from 40 Women in Youth Work

On this International Women’s Day I’d like to pay respect, honour and gratitude to female youth workers.Lingering over from Western Christendom is a patriarchal and masculine church. This interprets theology and practice with a bent that need correcting. In many churches, we are quite happy for a woman to be a youth and children’s pastor, […]

Are our employment practices driving youth workers away? (Research writeup)

This is a great piece of research, conducted and summarised for us here by Jonny Price, a quality and thoughtful youthworker from York.   I am deeply passionate about youth ministry. I believe that through Christian youth ministry, we can see lives transformed, chains broken, and bring people to fulfil what they were created to […]

How many things can a youth worker squeeze into a year?

This year is shaping up to be pretty full on. The blog will be soon going through a complete overhaul and rebranding process, I’m studying (technically full time) for an MA in pioneering ministry, learning to snowboard, climbing the 3000 challenge again, doing Britain’s largest bungee jump, and still working for Youth For Christ! Oh, […]

42 Things not to say to a youth pastor, that have ACTUALLY BEEN SAID to youth pastors!

This is a genuine list of things said to real life youth pastors that should NEVER have been said to youth pastors! I had 73 responses, and deleted a bunch of repetitions. Food for thought – please share and educate! 😛 When are you going to get into proper ministry? When are you going to […]

Is Your Youth Worker Too Cool? (Comic)

A new set by our In House Comic, Chloe Perrin. Check out her work at   Liked this? Try: Dear Youth Leader, Stop Trying to be Hot! See more comics here!  

The Top 8 Reasons Why Youth Workers Burn Out

Youth worker burnout is a very real issue. In the UK youth workers last an average of 2 years in a position, and around 3-5 years in total before throwing in the towel. I spent some time with a great youth worker yesterday who has put some real energy into properly researching this dilemma, and […]

The 3 Most Misused Verses in Youth Ministry

1. Matthew 18:20 – When two or more are gathered… This is often used in defense of youth church, or youth groups being a church alternative. ‘Well all you need for church is two or three believers and a cheeky Nandos… boom!’ ‘Me and my mate do church in the car listening to Hillsong!’ There’s two whopping problems […]

7 Ways Not to Complain To Your Youth Worker – And A Few Tips How To

As youth workers, we get things wrong. Lots wrong, in fact, and all the time. How can that be, you ask? Well, we balance a whole mess of varied personalities, quirky projects, disjointed goals and unrealistic expectations. We are often accountable to different people than those we actually serve, and we expertly straddle the line […]

3 Ways To Have A Successful, Yet Unhealthy Youth Ministry

I’ve been an unhealthy, yet relatively ‘successful’ youth worker for a while now. My projects mostly work, events go well, and young people know Jesus – but stress, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and blood-pressure problems have also accompanied those things. Since the doctors started treating me, and my health has started to improve, I’ve wondered if […]

Typical Nativity Headaches! (Comics)

A new set by our In House Comic, Chloe Perrin. Check out her work at

I asked 40 youthworkers in 3 countries how many events they run – here’s what they said…

I have had a lot to say on the subject of youth events over the last couple of years. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s that I think they are often flat-packed, overused, resource draining and strategy defining. I don’t mind them if they are a carefully considered idea off the back of […]