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Reaching Further…

…to see every Youth Worker equipped and every Young Person in Heaven.

Can Demons Cause Sin? (Questions Teenagers Ask 2.)

Part two of my series on Questions Teenagers Ask. All posts in this series are responses to questions I’ve had from young people written in the style I answered them. Question: Can Demons Cause Sin?  // Is It Demons Fault When I Sin? Answer: Hmmm… great question. I think my answer is: No, not directly […]

Is Self Harm A Sin? (Questions Teenagers Ask 1.)

Part one of my series on Questions Teenagers Ask. All posts in this series are responses to questions I’ve had from young people written in the style I answered them. Question: Is Self Harm A Sin? We’ll start with self harm because, well, it hurts! And we must look at it! Answer: This is a […]

Flat Packed Worship

A really interesting ‘parody(?)’ of contemporary worship events and services. This brings up some very interesting points. Is there anything necessarily wrong in this video? No – but I believe worship services and events should flow out of value conversations and content talks, not be constructed flat packed from Ikea-styled copycat methods. This is how […]

Youth work is 10 years out of date!

(style v substance discussion here) Much of our youth work is consistently at least 10 years out of date. Truthfully it’s more like 20. When we design a project, we are influenced by a whole host of things, however three specifics tend to consistently stand out: – Our own experiences of youth work from when […]

Digging Deeper…

…to develop every youth worker as a lover of God, and a student of His Word.

Specialist Training Packages

Youthwork MOT

An annual checkup for your Youth Work programs

Get in touch for a one day strategic and objective checkup with an outside expert. This is a no pressure game-changer of a day, paced with specifically targeted brainstorm sessions, spiritual health monitoring and personal support. Absolute must for both emerging and established ministries.

Youth Work First Aid

A tailored session to help you get to the root of an obstacle – and get through it!

Plateaued growth? Hemorrhaging leaders? Can’t get Young People to engage with Jesus? No younger ages coming up into the group? Let’s have a look together at your strategy, people, context and resources and get to the bottom of the issue – and move through it. Get in touch for a friendly chat about how we can help you move forward as a ministry.

New Youth Worker Package

Everything you need from Job Descriptions, HR Policies, Pension Advice, Contracts, Interview Help and 1st Year Coaching.

Hiring a new Youth Leader can be daunting – especially when you consider the balance of legal and spiritual needs. Allow us to help you by crafting you a bespoke package which will be legally up to date and spiritually aware. We can also come down and help with the interview process!

Personal Coaching

Helping youth leaders and teams one-to-one through Skype.

We offer one off sessions to help resolve conflicts and give advice; packages to help new Youth Workers through their first year; and regular sessions to give experienced practitioners another set of eyes and ears to bounce ideas off. Coaching is fundamental to health – which is fundamental to success!