Surviving Summer Camp!

Summer camps are the cornerstone… or millstone of the youth ministry calendar. Great memories mixed with funny smells, odd conversations, and goo that won’t wash out your hair.

They’re also a minefield of safeguarding pushing, consent trying, first-aid exasperating young people who you get to know a little more than you perhaps wanted to!

As I leave for Soul Survivor Week A tomorrow (get in touch if you’re there and want to meet up!), I thought I’d leave you with these posts on how to survive camp for another year.


Staying healthy on camp


Surviving camp with a fully charged mobile phone


Dear free hugs guy… please stop



Running a Soul Survivor trip pack



And if you’re feeling a bit more theoretical, here are two posts I’ve written on Soul Survivor specifically over the last few years…

The Christology of Soul Survivor

‘What Soul Survivor Got Wrong’… a missed opportunity




Photo by Maxime Bhm on Unsplash

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