Epic Youth Work Games … Made Even More Epic!

Hi everybody. Here are a few posts that take regular, classic youth work games and BLENDS THEM WITH EVEN MORE EPIC! Enjoy.

7 New Rules For Ninja

7 Ways To Make WIDE GAME More Extreme

7 Down Right Silly Tweaks To Dodgeball

7 New Rules For Mafia

And for an added bonus:

13 More Extreme Youth Work Games

55 Ways To Love Your Youth Group

A random collection of 55 Way’s To Love Your Youth Group – many from ‘Your first two years in Youth Ministry’ by Doug Fields. Use your common sense & have fun with them!

  1. Notice them
  2. Smile a lot
  3. Learn their names
  4. Seek them out
  5. Remember their birthdays
  6. Ask them about themselves
  7. Look in their eyes when you talk to them
  8. Listen to them
  9. Play games with them
  10. Laugh with them
  11. Be nice
  12. Reassure them that their feelings are okay
  13. Set boundaries to keep them safe
  14. Be honest
  15. Be yourself
  16. Listen to their stories
  17. Notice when they are acting differently
  18. Present options when they seek your advice
  19. Suggest better options when they act up
  20. Share their excitement
  21. Notice them when they’re absent
  22. Give them space when they need it
  23. Contribute to their collections
  24. Laugh at their (appropriate) jokes
  25. Be relaxed
  26. Kneel, squat, or sit so you are at their eye-level
  27. Answer their questions
  28. Tell them how fab they are
  29. Learn what they have to teach
  30. Make yourself available
  31. Find a common interest
  32. Apologise when you’ve done something wrong
  33. Listen to their fav music with them
  34. Thank them
  35. Give them compliments
  36. Acknowledge their efforts
  37. Meet their parents
  38. Be excited when you see them
  39. Let them act their age
  40. Be consistent
  41. Marvel at what they can do
  42. Ask them to help you
  43. Applaud their successes
  44. Pray with them
  45. Be flexible
  46. Delight in their uniqueness
  47. Let them make mistakes
  48. Give them immediate feedback
  49. Include them in conversations
  50. Respect them
  51. Be silly together
  52. Trust them
  53. Encourage them to help others
  54. Believe what they say
  55. Involve them in decisions

13 Extreme Youth Work Games

Most games we play are silly. Some are character building or encourage teamwork. Others are downright dangerous! Here’s my list of youth work games that stretch the risk assessment to the extreme.

I’m not condoning or suggesting you play any of these extreme youth work games & definitely not without proper supervision. … … Here they are:

1. Ring of fire
Everyone holds hands in a circle. Then, without letting go of their neighbor’s hands, they try to knock down a bottle in the middle with someone else’s body. You’re out if your body knocks over the bottle and your out if you let go of someones hand. The circle gets smaller each time.

2. Ultimate Mattress
It’s Ultimate Frisbee…. with a single mattress. Do the math!

3. Duel
Remember TV’s gladiator from the 90s? You sit two young people on an extended A-frame over some mats, give them a big foam stick and encourage them to stay on the frame and knock the other person off.

4. The Drink
Not for the weak of stomach. The drink is a game where you blend awful ingredients together (like chilli, onion, garlic, coffeecake) and have two people race to down it.

5. Balloon-o Suits
Sumo suits made from sticking a bunch of balloons to a bin bag. You’re aim is to survive the suit and pop all your opponents. Best in groups of 10 or more, person with the most left after 2 minutes wins.

6. Blindfolded Games
Dodgeball, musical chairs, football… whatever!

7. Gauntlet
The mission is to run down a track from one point to another – but there are hazards on the way in the form of other people with mattresses trying to stop you.

8. Plank tag
It’s like any other ‘last-to-do-it-perfectly-and-freeze-is-out’ games but this one involves planking! When the leader shouts ‘plank‘ the players plank (lie down rigid on their front) on whatever piece of furniture they have arrived at.

9. Limbo Slip
It’s limbo… but with a wet slippery tarp under foot.

10. Pushup Ninja
Get between 2-20 people in a circle in push up positions heads facing in to the circle. The idea is to pull people’s arms away without loosing your own balance. Keeps narrowing down every time someone falls.

11. Rabbit Boxing
Get two people in to a squat position with their hands up in a ‘stop’ motion against the other persons palms. The aim is to push the other person over without falling. Shout ‘go’ and the person who looses their balance first and falls over is out.

12. 3D Twister
Get four twister boards, tape them together and drape them over a couch. Get a bunch of players and off you go.

13. Wet Twister
Wet the board… need I say more?

14? Got any more?
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