What’s my first book going to look like?

If you haven’t already seen my ‘subtle’ attempts to plug my upcoming book, ‘Rebooted’, things might start getting less subtle in the coming months – starting with the cover reveal!

This whole writing journey has been really scary. Putting the manuscript together, having it go through multiple editing procedures with people I don’t know, asking for endorsements from people who don’t know me, and generally wondering how people are going to respond to it.

I’m so glad God is much bigger than I am! I had a moment waking up today when I just felt worried for no (and every) apparent reason. I said to God ‘where should I put this stuff?’ Thinking he would bring to mind something like ‘at the foot of the cross’ or ‘in my hands.’ Instead, I head just a single word:


Put the stuff down Tim; I’m God, and I’ll find it wherever you leave it!

So – I’m trying now to share the story of Rebooted without worrying too much of what you’re all going to think of me. That’s really hard! I know I need to ‘sell’ copies if I want the message to be heard, and I know that means plugging it. I’d rather do neither though – so be nice.

In the next couple of days I’ll reveal the cover on here to you, but for now, here is the pre-sell write-up that my publisher is using. Thanks!

Most youth ministry is simply too small. Or too time- or fad-bound. Or based on a model of some sort but without solid biblical foundations.

The author is passionate about growing youth ministry that can outlive the youth worker.

He deplores particularly the call for ‘something’ for youth.

Something just won’t do. Tim Gough seeks to redress the balance. He takes us on an expositional journey through the Bible as he sees it relating to youth work, pulling out purposeful themes through key stories and passages.

He offers guidelines which can be used by any leader as he casts this strong, healthy biblical vision to inspire us. Here is youth leadership training for the long haul.

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